Lekki Gardens Summer offer!. Bungalows @ N9.95Million Naira


Welcome to a whole new world of luxury living. Our purpose is to give you what you cannot find anywhere else: Luxury Homes at Extremely Affordable Prices.

Nestled just few minutes from Ajah, Lekki Gardens Awoyaya is a gigantic housing project measuring about 100 hectares of land.
Poised to set the pace for accelerated urban development in Awoyaya, Lekki Gardens offers uniquely designed bungalows, terraces and semi-detached houses which bespeak elegance and class.

Interiors of homes which are designed to be delivered as shell units to allow owners to opulently express their own exquisite taste in finishing.
Lekki Gardens combines unique architecture with an attractive natural scenery. Its strategic location ensures these exclusive housing units sets you up for massive returns on your investment
You can own your own space at Lekki Gardens, Awoyaya and enjoy affordable luxury living as well as a resounding return on your investment unmatched anywhere else in the area.
Put your family first… OWn a home where it matters.



Located in the Lekki Peninsula Corridor of Lagos often referred to as the “New Lagos”, due to the presence of the new seaport and the new International Airport, Awoyaya is a terrific store of valueforthe discerning investor.

Few years from now, it is expected that more than half of the businesses in Lagos would have had at least a branch for their operations within this fast developing area while real estate would have tripled invalue.

From our plans and our experience with our real estate projects, our off-plan sales enables us settle for a much smaller projectmargin in orderto make our properties more affordable to the

larger market. This enables our clients, as investors to save or make 30-70% more than they would have spent or made if buying properties from other developers around us.

The 3 bedroom terrace duplex at our Lekki Gardens Phase 2 project, Ajah and located few minutes from the Lekki Gardens Awoyaya project, opened in 2013 at a very affordable price of 11.5 million naira and within 6 months sold comfortably at 14.5 million naira. That’s over 30% growth injust 6 months!

Lekki Gardens Awoyaya is therefore our special investment reward for our very special followers who want affordable luxury and solid returns on investment.




Below is a location analysis of Rental Prices in the immediate neighbourhood

Price after Avg. Rent

To own a 2 bedroom bungalow at Lekki Gardens Awoyaya, you simply pay N9.95million and you will earn a minimum of N1.2 million per annum in rental income (a potential minimum Return on Risk Free Investment“ROI” of 11% perannum).

This is without recognizing Real Estate Capital Appreciation or Capital Gains. The Awoyaya Real Estate market is estimated to have capital gains in the region of 18% per annum. This brings the gross annualized ROI on Lekki Gardens Awoyaya to 29%.

House Type Avg. Sale Price (N) Our Price (N) Price after June 30 (N) Avg Rent Per annum (N)
2 Bedroom Bungalow 35 million 9.95 million 10.95 million 1.2 million
3 Bedroom Terrace 40 million 11.98 million 12.98 million 2.5 million
4 bedroom Terrace 52 million 15.95 million 16.95 million 3 million
5 Bedroom S/D 76 million 19.95million 20.95 million 3.5 million



Delivery date 2016



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