Billionaire Tony Ezenna launches his Bling gigantic Mansion

So there has been a buzz all over Nigeria media and social media about the new huge architectural structure in the famous bourdillion road ikoyi where the ‘Jagaban’ |Tinubu also has his own abode.

On seeing the structure one is struck by the domineering awe it brings to the vicinity. Its mighty pillars at the entrance dwarfs people coming in.

However the interior of the mansion is what is most fascinating, every wall, high ceiling decked and covered in gold embossed leaf panels with huge chandeliers, definitely befitting a kingly statesman.

On the walls are also huge pictures of them and Pope Francis on their visit to the Vatican.  Indeed it is a spectacular building and as someone who has visited the indoors of Buckingham Palace can definitely says its own bling is much more than the queen’s bling bling!. The only difference is that the palace is a stately home looked after and maintained by taxpayers money.

In the western world where over 60’s downsize when children move out and becomes too empty, so they don’t live alone in a huge building and don’t have to go up 50 flight of stairs due to old age and arthritis, even dementia, I can only pray they live long with good health to enjoy their new home.

I suppose being British we are used to small, cosy, warm, snuggle up sofas (not gold chairs) and a nice cuppa tea! 🙂







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