Lekki Living at its Finest: Pinnock Prime Estate Offers Exclusive Land for Sale

Pinnock Beach Estate Developers Present Exclusive Lekki

Land for Sale in Prestigious Pinnock Prime Estate


If you are looking to invest in Lagos prime Lekki Land that will generate very high ROI for you, a high rental income, then it has to be Lagos Island and to be specific Prime Luxury Lekki Land. Mercy Homes brings you another opportunity to own luxury Prime Lekki Land in Pinnock Prime Estate, the owners of the affluent Pinnock Beach Estate.The home of affluent individuals and families, from Celebrities to Politicians and Business Moguls. Mercy Homes brings you another opportunity to own luxury Prime  Lekki Land in Pinnock Prime Estate.

The developer and custodian of this luxury Lekki Land Prime Estate also owns Pinnock Beach Estate, both estates share a divided borderline wall between each other

They unveiled their new development called Pinnock Prime Estate promises to offer pure luxury in its infrastructure just as the celebrity-packed luxurious beachfront development Pinnock Beach estate which actually faces the Atlantic Ocean and sold out within a short span of time, home to celebrities such as Don Jazzy.

Live the Luxurious Life: Exclusive Lekki Land for Sale in Pinnock Beach Estate

Invest in Prime Luxury Lekki Land at Pinnock Prime Estate

Exclusive Lekki Land for Sale: Pinnock Prime Estate Unveils Prestigious Real Estate Opportunities

What is Pinnock Prime Estate?

Pinnock Prime estate is the new sister estate to the Pinnock Beach estate which is currently offering luxury prime land for sale in this rare scenic and highly sought-after area in  Lekki Peninsular.  Whether you’re looking for a secluded retreat to build your dream home in a picturesque spot or suburban living and a prime, secure and close-knit enclave, or an investment opportunity in one of the lagos’s most desirable locations.  Pinnock Prime Estate luxury land is a valuable asset that offers a wide range of possibilities. They also offer a level of privacy and seclusion from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.


Land for sale Pinnock Prime Estate –  Land for Sale in Lekki –

Prime Land For Sale

Pinnock Prime Estate is an expanse of land measuring 1.47 hectares divided into 18 site and service plots each measuring between approximately 500 to 1000 square metres. The Prime land is split to residential, commercial, or investment purposes.

Own a piece of Lagos' prestigious Lekki area at Pinnock Prime Estate

Where is Pinnock Prime Estate?

LOCATION:  Lekki Peninsular II next to  Pinnock Beach Estate.

Pinnock Prime Estate is within close proximity to the existing Pinnock Beach Estate and James Pinnock Estate.

It is also a short distance from Victoria Island connected by a direct road link through Castlerock Avenue to Lekki-Epe Expressway.

  • 5 mins from Pinnock Beach Estate
  • 20 mins from Victoria Island
  • 10 mins from Elegushi Royal Beach

Don’t Miss Out on this Exclusive Lekki Land Opportunity in Pinnock Prime Estate



Plot Land Size: from 500 to 1000 square meters

Plot Price: from N300,000 per square meter

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Pinnock Prime Estate


Land use zoning:

(i) High-Density area – 5 plots (allotment for building apartments)

(ii) Low-Density area – 13 plots (for detached or semi-detached built)

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Exclusive Lekki Land for Sale in Pinnock Prime Estate

Pinnock Prime Estate comprises two plot typologies that offer buyers the option of designing and building their own modern homes.

1. High-Density Plots

Suitable for the development of apartment buildings. ON OFFER IS 5 plots – 5 to 7 dwelling units per plot (max)

2. Low-Density Plots

Suitable for the development of detached and semi-detached buildings

13 plots – 2 dwelling units per plot (max)

Join the ranks of affluent homeowners at Pinnock Prime Estate

Pinnock Prime Land’s unique Features and Amenities

Benefits of owning Prime Land in Pinnock Prime Estate

  1. Investment value: Rental for a 2 bed apartment in Lekki can fetch as much as N3.5 million per annum. A 30% RO on investment. Land appreciates as soon as bought so you can buy and flip and get as much as 100% increase on investment, same goes for built properties. Making it a solid investment opportunity. Buyers will be allowed to develop detached and semi-detached houses, terraces, and apartments in line with approved building guidelines. Recreational facilities in the estate are designed to be an embodiment of a lifestyle consisting of parks with a play area for children and tree-lined streets with beautiful landscaping.
  2. Development potential: Prime land is often located in desirable areas and may have the potential for development, such as building a home or commercial property.
  3. Natural beauty: Prime land is often located in areas of natural beauty, such as near a beach, ocean, or in picturesque location, which can provide a sense of tranquility and enjoyment.
  4. Income potential: Prime land can also generate income through renting or leasing the property, such as through agricultural or commercial use.
  5. Privacy and seclusion: Prime land often provides privacy and seclusion, allowing for a sense of peace and quiet that is hard to find in more urban areas.


Return on investment with Lekki Pinnock Prime Estate
Pinnock prime land ROI

Prestigious Real Estate Opportunities Unveiled in Pinnock Prime Estate’s Exclusive Lekki Land Sale


  • Underground power supply systems including a dedicated transformer for stable mains supply
  • Internal road network with cycling lanes,
  • Walkways for pedestrians
  • Drainage channels to evacuate flood water.
  • Potable water supply will be derived from an industrial borehole that is enhanced with a water treatment and storage facility.
  • Streets with overhead streetlights, and fence lights to illuminate the estate and the surroundings, providing credible security.
  • fully gated and 247 secured, with a gatehouse, secured access, and signage.
  • Good hygiene is maintained with a sewage treatment plant system.
  • Parking space is made available for residents and visitors alike.

Best-in-Class Amenities:

  • Visitors’
  • Great Road
  • Streetlights
    & Garden Lights
  • Secured
    Access Gate
  • Underground
    Power Supply
  • Sewage
    Treatment Plant
  • Great Drainage

Prinnock Prime Estate why buy?

Why invest in Pinnock Prime Estate Land:

  • The Pinnock Prime Estate land has a Deed of Assignment with the Governor’s Consent.
  • Great Location neighbor to Pinnock Beach Estate sharing the same borderline
  • Great track record that spans 25 years delivering similar successful site and service schemes around Nigeria.
  • High Return on Investment

Don’t Miss Out on this Exclusive Lekki Land Opportunity in Pinnock Prime Estate

Don Jazzy lives in Pinnock Beach Estate


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